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We are delighted to have brand new work by Pascal Guetta now available in the Gallery.

Pascal Guetta (b. 1989), is a multimedia artist based in Los Angeles whose work explores how pre-existing, often overlooked industrial surfaces that have been transformed through time can, when given the necessary attention, flourish in new mediums. He works with pigments, plaster, paint, and collage to create large-scale artworks. Each layered step of his paintings is rooted in craftsmanship, and the mixed media is meticulously combined and shaped over the canvas’ surface. His current series takes these original paintings and transforms them into a new medium. Through macro photography of small sections of the painting, Guetta creates a wholly new visual experience of the work. Each macro photograph is in conversation with the larger painting — born of the same seed, challenging the viewer to both find the connection and the cracks that set the photographs apart. The art piece does not change; we simply experience a shift in perspective.

To view all original works available click here


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